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Top 4 Best Business Mobile Phones in the UK

Before more companies ventured into the smartphone market, only Research in Motion used to sell its highly valued Blackberry. However, the market has changed a lot as other manufacturers started designing and sending top rated smartphones while Blackberry fortunes took a turn around. With HTC, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Sony all fighting hard to get a piece of the lucrative market, things can only get better. People in the business world, employees, investors, accountants, and consultants have particularly found succour in smartphones because they make their work easy and fun. You no longer have to cut short your weekend getaway to finish a project; simply grab the smartphone and do everything while sunbathing on the beach. Because of the rising number of smartphones, well, you need to pick the model that will help you complete all the business tasks and compliment personal lifestyle. Here is a review of top 5 best mobile phones for business in the UK.

(1) Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL

The Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL are available at £390.99 and £461.99 respectively. They are considered the best for business people who prefer to use Windows 10 in their systems. The two smartphones have almost everything you have on the office desktop so that you can work on spread-sheets and other applications with the same user experience.


Notably, even when you finally get to the office or home desktop, you simply plug and everything transfers to the computer. It is great fun using this piece and you will soon find it a great companion. It comes with top specs that make everything easy and faster. It is constructed with 3GB of Random Access Memory (RAM), 2K display, and 32GB on-board storage. It also has a 20mpx rear camera and is sold with 12 months free subscription to Office 365 Personal. When you need to work away from office, simply plug the smartphone to Microsoft HD-500 and transform it into a powerful desktop PC.

(2) BlackBerry Priv

This is the first BlackBerry smartphone using Android Sauce. When BlackBerry launched the Priv, many people were taken by surprise because it was a great change in their OS applications. Unlike the previous models, BlackBerry wanted to catch up with the market and, therefore, embraced Android technology and reinvented the keyboard on the flagship smartphone. As a business person, this smartphone is very appealing because of high speed, ease of use, slim appearance, and top profile camera. Though it is pricy at £540, some people describe it as a techradar that every business person should own.

(3) Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

When Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the business community sighed with relief because they allow you carry the entire business everywhere. The two smartphones have Microsoft Office Android that makes it easy to work on projects easily and very fast. The smartphone is particularly useful for people who work in areas that demand top security because it is fitted with the best Knox, a mobile management container solution that provides encrypted-multi-layered security. Knox also helps to partition the workplace from personal life so that you can operate just like when in office even if you are in the bedroom or holiday. Besides, Samsung scrapped the plastic finish and took a lovely design that combines metal and glass for an enthralling outlook with great curves. The Galaxy S6 goes for £355 while Galaxy S6 Edge goes for £429.45.

(4) BlackBerry Classic

For those who still want to enjoy the classic touch of the old school, the BlackBerry Classic is a special piece that will never disappoint. It has the old model of QWERTY keyboard that many people are familiar with. It also has a lovely user interface, security, longer battery life, and an improved processor to ensure that everything runs faster. The smartphone gives you a sense of class wherever you go and is available at only £264.36.